Lucia Ariotti lucia ariotti
The world of IO & ES is a surprising one, as the name suggests.

The creation of IO & ES was the result of hard work, meticulous research with nothing left to chance. The same standards still apply and will continue to do so in this never-ending process.

IO & ES symbolizes the struggle between unconscious forces within the human psyche, i.e. the ego and the id as determined by Freud. This has inevitably inspired Lucia, who designs such unusual jewellery in this small but elegant Parisian boutique.

Given the philosophical influence, it is not surprising that this cosy little boutique on the Place du Marché Saint Honoré, resembles its designer’s confident and sophisticated personality.

“Love for jewels” is the slogan which inspires Lucia to create jewellery with meaning and substance rather than mere objects.

Lucia’s creations pay homage to individuality and taste, and reflects a certain refinement found in every woman. Carolina Deandrea
It is in an attractive shop window under Lambrequin, Place du Marché Saint Honoré in Paris, that Lucia Ariotti, a young Italian jeweler, presents her latest creation.Under the naming IO and ES, she passes on her passion for the noble materials she works with.

Uncluttered models, without useless flourish or overload emphasizing the stones in an elegant and sophisticated collection.

For spring, the creator presents a series of very trendy jewels on the theme of te tulip. In the heart, a ring on wich the interlacing of gilts reveals a floral bud.
A small marveml to be worn under the first sun shelf. Peggy Hoguet - Prestige international - presents the"flower's dance :la tulipe" collection